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How you can publish Android console google play app Store

play store console Im going to show you how you can publish an Android app to the Google Play store, so without wasting our time let's get into it so open, android console google your browser and head over to the play console, now click on create app your type your app name select.

console google play
google play app Store

First: create an application

play console click on create app your type your app name select, on free or paid that depends upon you check the boxes and click on create app, Scroll down to set your app click on app, access and in here select this option if your app, has the login or signup page if not then you can click on the first option click on ads and click on the first option.

if your add contains ads go to the content rating and click here provide your e-mail address your answer the questions now click on submit click on the target audience click on the appropriate answer and click on save click on the news app and if your app is in the news app then click on no now below that take the third option.

Save the data to your Google Play account

hit save before moving on to data safety first you have to provide the privacy policy URL and for that Scroll down to the bottom and click on app, console google play contained and head start just past the.

URL and save now go back to the data safety click on the appropriate answer and he'd next and save now move on to the next step provide your e-mail address click on save now.

set up your restore listing type I saw description and full description Scroll down and upload your app icon clear upload a banner image with this size 1024 into 500 pixels Scroll down and upload these screenshots click on save.
How you can publish Android console google play app Store

google play store console

  • play console dev goto the dashboard and Scroll down to publish your app click on countries, and reasons are the countries and go
  • back to the dashboard click on create a new release click on this button to go to the upload page now upload your APK file, here
  • after the upload Scroll down and here you can add some release notes now click on save click on review, release and click on
  • start rollout to production now your app will be sent for review after the approval your app will be live on the Google Play store.

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