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Increasing Google Adsense earnings in the best way that no one knew

How Google AdSense Can Help You Generate Extra Income

Increasing Google Adsense earnings in the best

Space I have tried this method on my website for over a year it has proven itself to be effective and safe for your address click on an external link on your website it will take them to a second page where you can see we have an article here filled with high paying.

keywords relates to my website I have made sure to insert apps between the paragraphs and here you can see the countdown starting while now in order to set this one for you you should first take a look at the high CPC keywords for us and as you can see it costs per click for keywords related to mortgage attorney credits are up to 40.

How to increase Adsense earnings

Good this keywords on your text in order to in order to show the most expensive ads on your website and if you don't know how to write a paragraph field with high paying keywords I'll be passed the. 

one that I'm using on my redirect page so now I will explain to you so here we got add in the beginning of the page a second one here as well after the first text here we got the countdown we got also here the second text as well as adds right below it and here you can modify.

Increasing the number of advertisement units within the site

Did you make more money and to not annoy your visitor resulting by hand clicking away of your website so I think 15 is a good number and here in this code we got the domain names you don't want to be certain or redirected too so you need to add your website link in. 

order to not answer for example if you want to navigate through your website he doesn't have to read it redirected every time as well as we add Facebook Twitter and Google plus and every other links included here so I don't think you will have to add other.

Focus on the highest profitable pages on the site

Google so here we got our website for page so here we got the first text the countdown here as well as the ads for example redirect so since this website isn't included in my Google accounts we won't see the expert they will be right here too as right there one at right here. 

and one in the end as well as deep countdown so we copy this link here we go to the second coat right here and now we copy the second code go to theme make sure to click on edit HTML control f search for body right where else just right above it click on past and then click on save I have not changed.
This so I will have to change the website
Can work either on block or WordPress or any other managing websites password and you will start to see results on your Google access this is guys so if you want to support us please.
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