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get free traffic from google seo linkbuilding

published my website the main struggle the main problem was that it was only me and some of my friends who knew about my website so I was getting like 10 to 20 views Link building per day 50% from me and 10 views from my friends so it was really the main problem how to get traffic to my website from Link site that moment I had a lot of research really a lot I tried many things today my main websites gets around

How can I get free traffic on Google?

600,000 views per month if you watched my in December 2020 about my plan to 2021 I was planning for 30 visits Backlink per month on each decade and 15,000 visits per day on 8th super tools look at this today this is decadelink building 2021 per month I'm getting around $250,000 reviews you can see the chart on and getting around $350,000 views so I achieved my plan like past this April 2022 as you will see on my plan next Moz Pro week I .am planning for 1 million views

How do I get traffic from SEO

per month how I get traffic one of the best source of traffic is simply traffic from Google free organic traffic from Google and here it comes wordpress seo or search engin
.optimization if you go here to Google search console you can see my website free traffic

light actually from Google on my main website and on 8th super tools I'm getting around 144,000 web search clicks not that bad at least I achieved my plan goals anyway so what is .SEO in 10 seconds that you apply on your website so he can tell Google

google seo certification 2020

Blanket put it on top of your search results so I can get traffic for free from your organ search results that simply a and when it comes to SEO or search engine optimization we have mainly to parts we have unpage seo and off page to make things simple on page SEO iseverything you can do on your website like optimizing your articles your titles your.

images you templates and so on official should be covered later Smerch seo in detail is everything you do outside your website like backlink social signals and so on today you are going to cover on page SEO and see how this helps in getting traffic for free from Google think about it as the ultimate guide to unpage SEO and what's nice we have a lot of free resources free.

How awesome you serious build an online business with me from scratch and reach $2,000 per month and part 5 we learned how to write an article from scratch and together we roll this article this is my website let's go to all posts if you remember we wrote this article what is email validation I'll click on edit and now let's go and optimize it for SEO as you.

mentioned on page SEO is everything we can do now on this post to help rank it on Google and we will do this together right now live in this video so you can learn exactly what to do I do this step by step to make things simple for you so let's start with step number one in this homepage SEO checklist simply you have to set the focus keyword what do you mean let's go ahead to Google on Google usually we search for something something all.

How to improve your blog post to reach the top of Google search results

this search term that you are searching for is a keyword for example in my case is about email validation so someone who wants to know about email validation will say what is email validation and you will get some results you click this website will get traffic and so on so your job is to write your

website for your own key with your target keyword on the first 10 results of Google on top of the search results in my case I need to pick a keyword a focus keyword I want target for this article how to do this usually we do keyword research I will make things now simple for you what you have to do is to go to my free digital marketing and SEO tools here .

simply go to SEO keyword research tool now in my case if you go here and pick this word what is email validation I will set the country for global because I want target the global audience worldwide I will click on search it's English in my case and you will see now this.

this keywords 110 service per month not that much it's good for now we are still New Orleans on this key get some traffic you can see here in this difficulty it shows nothing but available this means in most cases that you don't have that difficulty on this keyword so I will go with this queue this is my focus keyword this is cute I'm going to target in this article and if someone you don't trust these results.

traffic from google seo link building

super tools I want to tell you it's super tools is reading data from three and I am paying for this data without showing it for you for free but this data is real from bringing let me show you this I will get this key with the same keyword go here to address maybe number one SEO tool worldwide I will face this keyword I will say United States and say search now you will see the volume is 30 I will do the same on each I will go here to.
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