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This works for everyone around the world and it's one of the easiest ways tođăng ký google news online since there's no selling no affiliate marketing no social media followers needed and no previous experience required you just mneed to copy and paste some text and if you stay until the end of this b2b earn will be showing you three additional websites www google com url from which you can get paid.



well so if you don't want to get through PayPal you can select different payment options like a bank transfer payoneer and etc anyways let's begin with step number one come over to step number two you want to search for Google news once you search for console google play I want you to open on the first official website this is the place where you can find the latest news and the latest articles on all the topics around the world so it's like a

newspaper so you can find everything on here news about politics about business technology entertainment sports science health history and whatever you can think of you can find it on this website now how will this make you money how will you get your free PayPal money while stay tuned and you will see exactly.


how this works so here on the left hand side you have all the categories you have news about the world this is about what's happening in the world right now you have your own local news which is something that we will not focus on you simply want to focus only on business technology entertainment sports science and mostly health you can see for example if I select the health category that's going to give me all of the latest news and all the latest articles related to health so let's scroll and let's find.

How to earn $1000 daily from Google News

something interesting on here so I'm interested in this article which was uploaded just recently and it's really good article that a lot of people would click on so what you need to do is open up one article don't worry you will not have to write articles and don't worry you will not have to sell anything this has nothing to do with affiliate marketing CPA marketing or whatsoever all you really need to do is open up that

article and you just want to start copying text from that particular article for example I will copy this right here and I will proceed to step number three and proceed to the third website that we will be using which is here you will need to paste that article which you found on Google news spinbot will be right that article for you so you can have that entire article in your own words which means that way it becomes completely unique you will be using those articles on three more additional websites which I'm going to share with you those websites will pay you for those.


articles some of them are literally going to pay you $1 per word as you can see those articles have sometimes thousands of words and you can just do the math anyways once you found the article just paste that text in this box right here then scroll a little bit down then click I am not robot and you will just need to click go now that's going to rewrite the entire article for you as you can see the context is pretty much the same but it's using different words it is using synonyms and it's rewriting it in your own words so you can copy that unique and we read an article and you can use the next three.

The complete guide to making money from Google News

reps to get paid for those articles the first website that we will be using is so on you can submit your own articles you can write articles for this website and get paid for doing that now instead of you doing all the hard work of writing.

for days you can simply use Google news and spinbot to create unique and high quality articles and they will pay you up to $1 per word so this is the first website and I have two more for you so just on this website you can get paid.


How to earn $1,000 per day from Google News in 2023

We'll just need to scroll a little bit down below until you can find the section where you can find their contact information so you can just how to make money copy and pasting their email address go to your email and just email them with a subject line telling submission or article submission or something along those lines and just

attach the file with your own article which you created once you send out that email they will review it and if they like it they will ask you for your payment details you will tell them if you want to get paid through PayPal you will tell them my PayPal and my email address is then leave your PayPal and your email address if you want to get paid through bank transfer just leave your bank details to the other payment methods your options are endless because there are new articles in Google news that are coming in every.

The ultimate guide to making money from google news

rewrite them with spinbot paste them in a word document or save it in your computer and submit it to these websites so the first one where you can submit your articles is again you can also submit articles on this is over at their website in order to submit your articles on this website you just have to follow these instructions over here you simply need to email them at this

email address right here so you can copy this and go over to your email place a contact details and the subject line just type in a submission and just submit your article now with Sierra you will not only be able to submit health and fitness articles like you did with eating well but you will need to find something related to technology or science so open up an article from the category of science then copy its text and paste it to spinbot let them rewrite for you and submit it over to email address the third and the last website where you can submit your articles is over at you can go over to their submission guidelines and you can read more about how it works this website will pay you a little bit less money but it's still a good one to use because you can earn some additional income and maximize your results with this.

Secrets of profit from Google News

strategy the great thing about this website is that they will ask you only for up to 2,000 words and they will pay you around 31 cents per word so again it's not as high as the previous two websites but it's still decent at 31 cents on average 31 cents per word is not bad at all because it will quickly add up the more articles you submit on these websites the more money you will be able to make of course not

3 Proven Ways to Make $1000 Daily from Google News

every single article will get accepted but even if you get one article per day that's still hundreds if not up to $1,000 a day just by copy and pasting it was all absolutely free and you don't have to wait around you can immediately get started with this strategy once again let's summarize this you need to go over to đăng ký google news go to Google news select a category from the left hand side select the article that you like open an article copy its text you spend about to.
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